Wednesday, January 17, 2018

 Sassy Kay always finds new ways to delight our customers. Her stones create a whole world                             around you. Come try on a piece and see where it takes you.
                                           Carnelian and Obsidian Sterling Silver Necklace
                                 Atlantasite, Druzy and Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace
                   Red Creek Jasper, Ocean Jasper and Carnelian Handmade Chain Necklace.
                                          Turquoise and Carnelian Sterling Silver Earrings
             Atlantasite, Lavender Druzy, Stitchtite and Serpentine Sterling Silver Bracelet.
                                 Matching Turquoise and Carnellian Sterling Silver Earrings
                                             Agate with Patinaed Sterling Silver Earrings
One of our favorite artists is Dave M from Santa Cruz. He mostly works in painting in reverse on the back sides of windows.
                                      His animal series, Custom work of your pet is available
                                            Landscapes, Vineyards and Italy.. Bellisimo!
                                                         Cars, boards and restaurants.
                                The truck in the lower left is painted on recycled license plates