Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Each year Meals on Wheels hosts a Charity fundraiser. The Classique d'Elegance.
twenty two Chefs and designers pair to create both a visual and culinary fantasy.
These pictures are of the Fall and Nature inspired table. Our Cohorts have been Chefs extraodinaire, 
Bird of Paradise Catering. (paradisecater.com)

Last Year's theme was Beatle inspired. A Life sized painting of the Beatles in Sgt. Peppers attire was the backdrop.There were items throughout the table hinting to Songs by the Fab Four. Little pictures of Lucille Ball suspended from a tree with glass ornaments
 (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) and a snow globe of the White House. If You held it up there was a caricature of George W. Bush in a jester's hat (Fool on the Hill).

If You have any brilliant ideas, suggest away, We are always thinking of some way to outdo the previous years

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