Thursday, July 1, 2010

June at Avant Garden and Home

We have moved on past the US Open and brought in some new items. A recent high end craft show in 112 degree Las Vegas yielded some interesting new character and characters. Blanche is the Buxom southern Belle gracing the rear of the store. We brought her back with many chuckles along the way. Remember, What happens in Las Vegas...
Painted cedar fence panels and some surprising new ceramics fill in the Mix.
Hudson is beaming. besides being his birthday July 3rd, He also got our new amazing Grandfather clock named after him. The clock is so typical of their designs. (even though it's anything but typical) Sweeping lines and industrial looking coils ad an interesting twist to a Victorian feel. May is "gracing" the front window in her beach mode. There's always something odd about a mannequin of a 80 year old woman fondling an itsy-bitsy-yellow-polka-dot bikini. OK, you can stop singing now. making a long story short, Come on in. See You soon, Jeffrey

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